Our Vineyard

Our passion and belief in Prince Edward County terroir has enabled us to produce superb fruit from our vineyard. A difficult grape to grow and a finicky and fragile wine to make and age, Pinot Noir is both a winemaker’s dream and challenge. The risk is great but so is the reward.

Farming is as much an art as a science. Knowing our hillsides and understanding the needs of the vines to produce great fruit are behind every decision we make.

The elements come together in just the right way: lake effect, slope, sun exposure, soil and climate. Our vineyard practices are quality-driven: with low yields and extensive handwork, we get fruit with intense flavour from healthy, balanced vines.

Cold Creek Vineyards currently focuses on the production of Irish and Normandy inspired ciders, though our introduction to the industry was driven from a passion for wine. We continue to maintain our Pinot Noir and Frontenac Gris vineyards, with our Pinot Noir grapes used in wines produced at local wineries. 

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