Our Ciders

Cider maker Chris’ passion for cider and growing apples comes directly from his early days growing up in a small community surrounded by many orchards:

“In fact, my first job as a student was working in an orchard owned by Highland Creek legend Cameron Watson, who was a catalyst and inspiration for my dream of starting an orchard that honoured varietals which thrive in the North shore of Lake Ontario.”

Since, the County has enhanced Chris’ romance of traditional cider-making days when cider was made on a farm with its adjacent orchards that could be harvested in small batches, utilizing traditional old-world philosophy.

At Cold Creek Vineyards, we believe that farmhouse cider is more than a region of apple origin or a fermentation method- it’s a philosophy that yields a beverage with a strong sense of place.

Tasting Bar

Cold Creek Vineyards is currently closed for the season.

2019 A•pear•itivo Dessert Cider (available upon re-opening 2021)

A•pear•itivo is a special release of Cold Creek dessert Pear Cider which has been made using County Pears with a blend of honey from the farm while aged in French Oak.

A•pear•itivo has a clear pale yellow hue, sweet and full bodied, moderate acidity. Low tannins. Hints of bitterness. Notes of pear juice & skin, floral, and honey.

Pairs well with figs, French Vanilla ice cream, Crème Brûlée, and a perfect companion with an after dinner cigar.


2019 Éirinn go Brách Cider

This traditional semi-dry sparkling cider is created with pressed Northern Spy apples, and fermented in French Oak Barrels until dry and then bottle conditioned with no fining or filtration. This cider is naturally cloudy and will develop beautifully with age.  This cider brings out the love of late harvest along with citrus fruit flavours and hints of melon that is rich and round with balanced acidity that will pair very with chicken and dishes with a spicy kick.

2019 Cuvée Madeline Cider

Our Cold Creek Cuvée Madeline Cider is produced using Northern Spy apples that enhance the character of our 2019 vintage. Fresh and crisp ripe apple notes rise from delicate bubbles with a fruity and slightly acidulous palate that leaves heightened flavours that brighten the finish. An elegant sipper that drinks well on its own, or pairs with roast pork loin, turkey, pheasant, cheeses and apple pie.